The Fellowship of Meditation

Contemplative Meditation

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'Eternal Love, grant us to know that we are one in You’ 

We give thanks for the life and witness of our beloved Queen Elizabeth the Second: for her faith and trust in You; for her steadfast love and commitment to the devoted service of her people in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, especially; for her wisdom, courage and humanity in calm and stressful times; for the inspiration she leaves that we too may serve others as Christ did.

A comment from a biographer on Radio 4: The only book about her life to which she gave her approval was the short Bible Society book ‘The Servant Queen and the King she serves’. She was always ready to state that her faith was her inspiration and the source of her strength.

Let us turn to that same eternal Love to which she turned, that Love that is always with us to guide and protect us in the coming days:

'I have given you the Spirit of Power and Love and of a sound mind.... therefore, be glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create.' (Marian Dunlop) 

Jeremy Harvey, President of the Fellowship and Kate Badley, Chair of Council     

Introducing Ourselves

The Fellowship of Meditation is a Christian–based organisation, whose members use silence and sentences to make space for stillness in their lives. See above for this week's sentence.

In so doing, we practise contemplative meditation. This is a well established and ancient Christian method of seeking to know God more closely through stillness and silence, focusing on a Word or Words of Life.

It began in 1932 when weekly meetings for meditation were held in London, which included teaching from its founder, Marian Dunlop – see “History”. The most recent centre for the Fellowship, Marian Dunlop House in Dorchester, was purchased in 1974.


The Fellowship’s method of meditation centres on the use of sentences, containing Words of Life, which are based on eternal truths and teaching in the Bible. They help to focus attention on God.

At present there are 15  groups, mostly in Great Britain, which meet together regularly for meditation. These meetings last about 45 minutes and include sections of teaching on a particular sentence read aloud by the leader. They include an opportunity of Meditating for and with Others.

From its earliest days, the Fellowship has arranged “Gatherings” when people come together from different parts of the country to spend time in meditation.

Please use the links to explore our website further. If you seek more information then please contact us at:

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