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Our Library

The Library of the Fellowship currently holds some 1000 titles. The core of the collection was Marian Dunlop’s personal library. This has been augmented by donations from members and a small number of titles are purchased each year.


The focus of the collection is on spirituality, religious experience and mysticism. It includes the experience and practice of other faiths.

The library is open to members at any time when Marian Dunlop House is open. Books are freely available on loan and may be requested by post. Non–members need to seek permission in advance and will be asked for a £25 deposit.

Recent Additions to the Library - April 2023

 Title                                                                                                 Author                              

Seeds of silence                                                                         R Melvyn Keizer

Divine beauty, the invisible embrace                                        John O'Donohue

That clear and certain sound                                                     Pamela Haines

Church of the wild                                                                    Valerie Loorz 

You matter                                                                                 Delia Smith

Sacred spaces                                                                            Margaret Silf

Wayfaring                                                                                  Margaret Silf

On the brink of everything                                                        Parker Palmer

A complete index of the Marian Dunlop Collection is available as a pdf, please click on this link to download.

A new and exciting development for the Fellowship in 2023 is our Marian Dunlop Legacy Project - the beginnings of a complete digital archive of more than 900 meditation papers from 1938 to the present day. This is available not only to our members for their use but also via the internet as a searchable database. 

 Follow this link  to see the beginnings of this archive. 

See Publications for booklets and pamphlets based on the Fellowship’s method of meditation, available from the Office Manager, including stories of how lives have been changed through practising meditation.

Our library assistant, Sue, has written the following book review;

Parker J Palmer ~ On the brink of everything: Grace, Gravity and Getting Old.
Parker Palmer is an American Quaker. A teacher, writer and poet. He shares his experiences, thoughts and findings in a way reminiscent of Lionel Blue. Reading him is like listening to an old friend, sharing life’s ups and downs, and finding common ground. I particularly appreciate his embrace of his older years: the pluses and minuses, and rich openings to be explored. And towards the end of the book, where he rages at the state of American-society, and then thinks how to use anger positively I found a lot of ideas to take on. As I have with his reflections on racism and white privilege, which I could finally accept without defensive reservations. I was frankly bored by the pondering about the need to be a writer: no common ground there. Which probably means this is a “ dipper” and to be read as a collection of essays, many of which proved really fruitful. This is a book written from a life of applied faith, honesty and humility, and it’s going to be a gift for several of my friends! ~ Sue.                                        This book is available from our library.